Seagate’s Portable HD – Stream Content To Your iPad

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May 16th, 2011

Seagate GoFlex Wireless HD

Seagate have just recently announced their latest portable HD. Now hard drives don’t tend to be overly exciting but this one is different in the fact it can stream files wirelessly to a number of devices including the iPad and other iOS devices. So in effect it is a 500GB HD and media streamer, you can easily just drag and drop files to it and then take it with you on a long journey and stream all those movies you popped on it to your iPad or iPhone….surely that’s sure to keep the kids entertained and you as well for that matter.

Engadget seem to like it and have reviewed it here.



3 Responses to “Seagate’s Portable HD – Stream Content To Your iPad”

  1. Leonard RS says:

    Looks interesting but aren’t Apple going to offer streaming to their iOS devices, at least that’s what I heard. Apparently you won’t have to plugin your iPad or iPhone to your computer to sync it will all be done wirelessly.

  2. Cheff66 says:

    I heard that to Leonard but the Seagate is just a portable HDD therefore it’s easy to carry around. When Apple do allow users to sync it’s likely you’ll need iTunes open to sync your media and therefore you’re computer will need to be on which aren’t as portable as a HDD.

  3. A User says:

    We have seen all this before from Seagate…The Cricket, The Dave…But they still cannot get it right! Fixed and non-replaceable battery..What are we supposed to do? Throw it away? 2nd. Wi-Fi receiver disabled by default so you cannot stream to it!

    Come on Seagate, get these problems fixed…fit a 1Tb Barracuda drive and you can mop up all the undoubted competition that is coming.

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